Reflection Post

My group and I decided to focus our campaign on sexual assault around male victims.  We thought this to be a good idea because upon doing research, there were not many campaigns that revolved around men. The one and only campaign that really stood out to us was the “No More” campaign and we believed that this was not sufficient.  We feel as though it was necessary to make the message clear that men are also victims of sexual assault and they should not be ashamed to tell their story.  While doing an adequate amount of research we found a statistic that stated one in every six men will experience some type of sexual abuse or assault in their life time.  This statistic only made it more clear that things need to change and more awareness needs to be spread about male victims. 

After lots of brainstorming, we decided that posters would be a perfect was to spread awareness. Why not make it loud and clear that men are victims too? It is not something that needs to be hidden  Instead with the facts that we found, we believe that everyone should be made aware of it. Being a victims of sexual assault doesn’t make you any less of a man.  Instead I believe that being able to be open and talk about it makes you a stronger person. 

The first poster that was created was a spinoff of the #ThisIsNotConsent movement that went viral. Our poster consisted of a picture of a woman’s thong and a male’s boxer shorts.  Above these two drawings were the words #TheseAreNotConsent.  There was hesitation around the male boxer for the poster but I do believe that nowadays anything can be sexualized and therefore putting the picture of a male’s boxer will send the message loud and clear. 

Our second poster consisted of multiple facts. Facts that the majority of people do not know, yet should know. Stats that could make a difference when it comes to the next victim who wants to share their story. Sharing the known facts about sexual assault will want to make people speak out more because they know that they are not alone. They know that it has happened to other people and therefore they have support. This second poster, though it contains a lot of words and no images sends a very powerful and clear message. 

Our two posters both very different would only be a start.  We are aware that are campaign will not be accepted by everyone but it is a step in the right direction to spreading awareness about a side of sexual assault that people did not know was as common. If men aren’t willing to tell their stories and make it clear that it happens to them too then things will not change and our campaign will work. By starting small and hanging posters even just around the school you are one step closer to creating a movement, supporting male victims and letting them know that they are not alone.  We know that men aren’t the type to broadcast their emotions but when it comes to serious situations they need to know that if they want to talk, that there are people there who are willing to listen. 

This entire experience was amazing and it was fantastic to have the chance to create something that can make a difference.  It truly made me realize how little one can know about this subject even though it is constantly in the media.  It was nice to be a part of this project and be able to create a campaign revolving around such a serious issue.  Just by passing on some of the knowledge that I gained throughout this workshop, I feel as though a positive impact can be made. 


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