Group Reflection Project

Our group reflection was on male being victims getting sexually assault because we think men are not getting enough recognition for also being rape victims the same way as women are getting on the media. According to studies, about 10 to 20 percent of Canadians males would experience a form of sexual assault, which means that these incidents can be translate into thousands of boys having gone through traumatic experiences that involves having to be rape.

The reason why are group chose this topic is because we believed that among the feminist who strongly wants to fight against our society rape culture, men’s in general tends to be regarded too much as the perpetrator when they can also be victims of sexual assault. Studies also indicates that the majority of male victims in sexual abuse tends to mostly involve young adolescents, and many of these boys are heterosexual who also knows very well who their perpetrator are, but are twice as less likely to report abuse than females do because of the many myths that involves around masculinity.

Our group made a posters called the #These aren’t 4 consent as an inspiration of the #This is not consent as a way to convey a message to anyone that are victims are not only women’s but also men’s and that they also deserve a voice to be heard. I do think that we can start setting awareness on sexual abuse victims more openly and not just on men as I was stating, but women also does deserve a voice to the public to accept that it is not okay for sexual abuse of any kind of form to be easily accepted in our society for granted.

This experience, in this group project has led me to understand more on males and females sexual assault cases. In addition, to how it is different for both genders to overcome their trauma. Due to many many myths and stigmas that enforces both male and female to hide their victimhood from public because they are told or believe that it is not okay or embarrassing to say that you’ve been raped.

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